Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2008 11:34 AM
Subject: '95 and '87 Jaguar Leather


I apologize for the HUGE email...!


You asked me to keep you informed on my two Jaguars, the '95 XJR and the '87 XJ6 when I asked you about what I can do if the leather doesn't absorb the Rejuvinator because of protectants used in the past.  To my surprise, you didn't try to shove some of your other products down my throat, which I greatly appreciate, and actually suggested some household solutions I could try.  Well, I ended up not needing the household solutions because the leather on the '95, which I worked on first, absorbed the Rejuvintaor just fine.  So, thank you.


Now, on to the project.


First, I have never been so impressed with a cleaning product.  I've tried just about every leather conditioning product available and nothing brought the life back to the leather like your Rejuvinator and cleaner products.  I've attached pictures of the leather in the XJR and, while the leather on the front seats is badly worn and was neglected for 12 years (I just bought the car as a project a month ago), and the side bolsters on both from seats have no dye left on them, the color on the rest of the seats cleaned up very well and the interior now feels and smells clean, quite a feat considering how dirty the car was.


This cleaning project took a week, and could go on- but I'm out of Rejuvinator.  :)


The first day I attacked the passenger side of the car with the Rejuvinator.  I put one coat of the product on the seats and rubbed it in as directed with a fresh sponge.  Then I just let it sit over night and all the next day.  The next day after work, I came home and noticed the seats had become white with the product and was sticky to the touch.  I used the Pristine Clean on the seats and the transformation was amazing.  The grungy tan leather was brought back to its pretty oatmeal color.  Thoroughly impressed I got excited about what the next coat of Rejuvinator would do.  So I applied it and within about 4 hours, the seats had completely absorbed the second coat.  So, just for kicks I applied a third coat and let it sit over night.  The next day after work I looked at the car and the same white haze appeared and after the Pristine Clean the seatís color was even more vibrant.  At t his point I stopped because I'd gone through about half the bottle of Rejuvinator and wanted to get the driver's side of the car.


The driver's side of the car went about the same, but the color on the driver's seat is pretty far gone and has become blotchy after 140k neglected miles.  Both the driver and passenger's seats ultimately need re-dying, but that will be for another time when the car is running and driving like it should...


After I was done with the leather surfaces in the car including the seats, steering wheel, shifter surround, headrests, arm rests, etc. and was amazed how much they softened up and appeared to "relax" around the seams and cracks, I went after the vinyl and plastic surfaces with the Pristine Clean.  Again, I was astounded to see how all the different materials, that had faded at different rates, all came back into color and started to match.  The hard-plastic parts of the door and lower dash that had yellowed, lost thier yellow tinge.  The vinyl cleaned up like the leather, etc.  In the end all the parts that were supposed to be the same color when new were the same color again, looked clean and fresh, and lost about 10 years of age. 


It's been about 4 days since I put the last coat of Rejuvinator on the leather and until the 3rd day the products were still pushing dirt to the surface.  I would get dark hazy spots in random places on the leather.  Every afternoon I got out and used a little pristine clean and clean the dirt off.  It seemed to stop yesterday though and I'm wondering what another coat of Rejuvinator would do.


You've made a customer for life.  I'm disappointed that I didn't know about your products sooner!  I only came across them at a Jaguar parts house online and started doing some research about you and decided to give it a shot.  I'm glad I did.  

Thanks again for the help with my earlier questions.  And thanks for a great product.  I'll make another order soon.



Mill Creek, WA


These are BEFORE pictures

After the process (No DYE was USED just the Rejuvinator Oil and Prestine Clean)